Corfu Delphi

About Corfu

Corfu is the greenest island of the Phaeacians, Odysseus’ last stop on the way back to Ithaca, is known of the Ionian islands. The elegance and grace of the match due to the different cultures experienced Corfu and natural beauties with which it is endowed. On this cosmopolitan island, you can combine relaxation with entertainment and nightlife. Why, as an international tourist center which can meet the requirements of the most difficult visitor.
The capital, Corfu. Built on a narrow strip of land protruding into the sea and divided into two parts, northern and southern. The picture presented is fascinating: with wide streets and large squares, like the popular Esplanade, the narrow cobbled streets, the familiar streets, houses with a strong Italian influence, with arcades or arches, traditional Georgian style English mansion , Byzantine churches, Venetian monuments, balconies with ornate railings and windows with blinds. The innumerable natural beauties of the Mediterranean climate that result in cool summers and mild winters, the island’s history and rich cultural tradition, have an excellent holiday resort that attracts thousands of Greeks and foreigners.
The Corfu offer their hospitality to visitors who have a unique opportunity to enjoy comfortable and memorable holiday. A mosaic of ethnicities and tribes paraded through the picturesque streets, the traditional “alleys” of the city of Corfu, which create an atmosphere of a bygone era … In this scene you find the perfect holiday destination, it can choose between the small fishing villages for a quiet holiday or cosmopolitan places with nightlife, villages perched on the green hillsides of lovers or the innumerable beaches for all tastes for fans of water sports.