Corfu Delphi

Agios Gordios

17 km from Corfu town and 15 km from the airport is the holiday resort of Agios Gordis, a lush landscape with its crystal clear waters of the sea bordering the Ionic, and the sandy beach about 2 km, which is a registered trademark rock (otholithri).
​On the main street of St. Gordis about 200 meters you will find restaurants, cafes, bars and tourist shops. A romantic stroll through the greenery and fresh air of Ai Gordis will reward you for the most romantic sunsets you will see on the green slopes.
​The beach of Agios Gordis Corfu west facing overlooking the Adriatic Sea to southern Italy.
Fine sand and clear waters offer a unique holiday experience Water skiing, aquatic parasailing, surfing and diving are just some of the activities you can enjoy during your vacation.